STK-ID 32222

Trail Smelter: MS of molten metal pouring from pipe into crucible at Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company Foundry at Trail, British Columbia. CU of molten metal pouring out pipe. Shot of mechanical lift being inserted in tray of lead ingots. MS of molten metal pouring out spout into crucible. HAMS of ore cars meeting on parallel tracks. CS of dipper being scooped into crucible of white hot metal. Shot of dipper being removed from furnace, pouring molten metal into moulds. Shots of liquid sulphur pouring over mounds of crystallized sulphur looking like frozen water, woman in coveralls poking at mound of crystallized sulphur. LAMLS of part of wall of open face mine caving in from dynamite blast. HALS over vast stretch of soaking pits where ingots are immersed, large crane equipped with tongs lifting ingots out. Shot of tongs being hooked onto ingot. MS of barrels of ammonium nitrate coming along conveyor in storage room. Shot of man piling barrels in storage room. Shot of lid being lift off furnace revealing blazing inferno. Shots of galvanization of steel showing molten zinc being poured over sheets, sheets being removed. Shots of men guiding lift crane removing lead ingots from soaking pits. Shot of man immersing lead sheets into soaking pit by hand. CS of ingots being filled with molten lead as they pass filling spout on conveyor.


Excerpt from
Trail Smelter / American Ambassador's Funeral
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio