STK-ID 32267

CSs of man lighting match on spike of Sheik tooth roller, roller moving out of frame past camera. CU of caterpillar tractor pulling Turno Sheik thooth roller past camera. Shot of La Turno scoop shovel scooping earth during levelling operations. CU of La Turno passing in front of camera. CS of scale, MS of man weighing pail on scale. CU of water gushing, TILT UP to MLS of Saint Mary's river basin. CS of two men operating winch, LS of the two men operating winch, control gate of dam opening, allowing water out. LSs of rough, rocky terrain, of basin where river will be diverted, of bulldozers, steam shovels and trucks at work on river bed. Various shots of caterpillar tractor pulling Sheik tooth roller over rough terrain past camera. CS of two La Turnos loaded with earth moving past camera. MS of shovel scooping up earth near edge of water. Shots of man surveying, framed in large pipe, of other man holding line stake, ankle deep in water. Several shots of Amish children and women posing and walking in village. LS of Amish woman on front lawn of white house. HAMS of small Amish girl reading paper. CSs of Amish child, of girl. Shots of two in sugar beet patch shovelling earth from furrow to irrigate field. PAN along shoreline to large culvert pipe connecting dam and river. Shot of men standing on river bank, PAN to water flowing through culvert. CU of water flowing in stream, TILT UP to three men standing on river bank. CU of water in sluice, TILT UP to MLS of Saint Mary's River. HALSs of dragline scooping ground away from channel to connect dam with river. Shots of man studying map of Saint Mary's basin area, of sign "Saint Mary's Dam Project". MLSs of farm buildings, of unpainted clapboard house. Shots of skeleton structure of future sugar beet processing plant, of man at work atop structure. Shots of man and boy in sugar beet patch digging furrows to let water irrigate field, including CUs of water flowing through ditch.


Excerpt from
St-Mary's Dam Project
Southern Alberta
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio