STK-ID 32340

Sequence on handling of supplies showing crates in net being lowered, of two men piling crates in small boat, of barrels being lifted to wharf in net, men on wharf guiding barrels in net to wharf. Shots of snow-covered hilly shore from deck of rolling ship. Shot of seamen at work lowering lifeboat into water, shore in background. MLS of motorboat moving on river. Shot of men pulling rope, PAN to lifeboat hanging from davits. Shots of two men at stern of motorboat, of motorboat moving away from camera. Various shots of men at work unloading supplies from small boat pulled up on shore, of supplies piled and lined on shore. Shot of small boat being towed by camera boat, ship in background. MCS of revolving light of lighthouse. Rear shot of man in bow of small boat, moving towards shore and lighthouse in the distance. MLS of freighter moving by camera. LS of freighter moving away on river, shore in distant background. LS of Chateau Frontenac, TILT DOWN to lower town, PAN to wharf on waterfront. BOATING SHOT of water from moving ship's side, waves cover camera from time to time. MS of man oiling machinery in engine room. DOLLY OUT from wireless operator receiving message from sailor, giving message to sailor, DOLLY IN of man resuming work. MS of navigators checking course on maps and charts at desk. PAN across men relaxing in quarter, man writing, other playing guitar, other lying in bunk bed. CSs of man playing guitar. MSs of man hauling up markers on flagpole, of markers and signal lantern hanging atop pole. HAS of man and young man coming up stairs inside lighthouse. LAS of young man at top of stairs, looking around with electric lamp. MLS of freighter moving at sea. LAS of signal flags flying from bridge, two men looking over. MLS of freighter at sea, other one in background. MS of stern of ship, propellor churning water.


Excerpt from
River Workers
Quebec City
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio