STK-ID 32411

FOLLOW MS of two men and woman horseback riding along bridle path along lake in Muskoka District. HAS of main street Canadian town, stores across street, including "Loblaws" grocery store. MS of passenger boat steaming slowly up river. Interior PAN of Tourist Travel Bureau, advertising posters on wall, customers being attended. HALS down Queen Elizabeth Highway. Shots of truck and mixer dumping asphalt on road under construction. Sequence on airport tarmac showing shots of employee guiding TCA Northstar into position, of side of plane, propellers stopping, of passengers getting off plane. MLS of Northstar airplane taxiing into position on tarmac. Rear FOLLOW SHOT of tourists bumping in convertible car careening its way along rough country road.


Excerpt from
Welcome, Neighbour!
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Digital Video Disk, Digital Bétacam
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
720 x 486