STK-ID 32416

Various shots of Royal 22e Regiment lined up on dock in Quebec City, royal yacht in background in some shots, of regiment manoeuvering on Plains of Abraham. MSs of colour party, of soldiers. LAS of Stars and Stripes flag, PAN to Red Ensign. Shots of Royal Canadian Air Force honour guard at Saint-Hubert, presenting arms. CUs of airmen in ranks, of sailors from "HMCS Hochelaga". Port shot of forecastle of United States Navy destroyer leader "Willis A Lee", sailors lined up along rail. TRAVELLING CS of Royal Canadian Navy tribal class destroyer "Forrest Sherman". Various shots of RCN honour guard standing at attention, presenting arms. CU of plaque and monument to Newfoundland Regiment. Various shots of RCAF colour party, of the 535th US Air Force band, of RCAF band, of various army bands, pipe bands. Various shots of religious service aboard RCN "Kootenay", of flag, TILT DOWN to sailors on forecastle. MLS of USN heavy cruiser "Fall River", sailors lining rail. Brief shot of US service band, of US colour party. Sequence showing garrison of Fort Henry marching on field. CU of sign re Fort Henry. Shots of Limestone City branch of Canadian Legion. HAS of battery on ramparts firing salute. Various shots of Highlanders parading, of Toronto Regiment, city in background, of army cadets at Vernon, British Columbia. (00/07/1959)


Excerpt from
Royal Tour
Ontario, Vernon (British Columbia), Quebec City, Saint-Hubert
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio