STK-ID 32905

Low level AERIAL SHOTs over rocky ground dotted with evergreen trees, farmland, over freighters unloading bauxite. Oblique low level AERIAL SHOT over aluminum plant in Arvida. High level AERIAL SHOT over forest land. Lower AERIAL SHOT over river snaking through bushland, over small village, church, school, over farmhouses, buildings, fields, farmer harvesting hay with tractor. Various low level AERIAL SHOTs over various types of terrain, rocky, wooded, farmland, cows racing for safety from helicopter, river, dirt highway. Low level AERIAL SHOT over river, waterfall, hydro dam, farmland, islands of rock here and there, woods, dirt road, houses along it. High level AERIAL SHOT of forest land, region with countless lakes, river. Medium low level AERIAL SHOTs of Arvida. Several AERIAL SHOTs of northern landscape, rocks, multitude of lakes, bush, stunted spruce. Sequence of swift, low level AERIAL SHOTs over typical shield terrain. Other similar AERIAL SHOTs.


Excerpt from
The Canadian Shield: Saguenay Region
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Digital Video Disk, HDCAM SR
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080