STK-ID 33113

LS of cottage along edge of lake, canoes moving away from pier. CSs of boys jumping and swimming in water from pier in foreground. Shots of boys running towards camera on trail in forest, of boys running out cabin. CU of sign "Red Bandanas Stop Here". Profile CS of camp instructor posting notice on outdoor bulletin board. MS of group of boys running out frame cabin. Shot of group of boys waiting at edge of forest, greeting other group joining them. Shot of boys lining up, playing game of fishing with rods and cups tied at end of line. CU of cup at end of line. Shots of group of boys playing giant game of bagatelle made of canvas. LACS of man dressed up as circus barker speaking. MS of group of boys beating oil drum turned upside down.


Excerpt from
Summer Is For Kids
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio