STK-ID 33301

[Title: Air Pageant (05-06/10/1929)]: Series of ESTABLISHING PANs over field at Saint-Hubert Airport. ESTABLISHING PAN of field at Saint-Hubert Airport. PANs of large crowds of spectators. CUs Colonel JL Ralston, Minister of National Defence, Major-General JH McBrien, President of Aviation League of Canada and AS Dawes, President of Montreal Light Aeroplane Club, Mayor Camillien Houde and Alderman Leon Trepanier of Montreal, JA Wilson, controller of Civil Aviation, RK Trim and FS Molson, Captain Hardy, Manager of Saint-Hubert Airport. Shots of airplanes lined-up on field. HAS of home-made plane, "The Bat". Shots of US Army Airforce repair ship, Douglas M-2 on field. CS of pilots Lieutenant Shanahan and Sergeant Bentley. Shots of US flyers permorming aerobatics. PAN of large crowd watching 50 mile race. LS of planes swooping over camera. MS of winner R Perry of the Ottawa Flying Club. GROUND TO AIR SHOTs of "Speed" Holmes doing aerobatics, intercut with shot of crowd watching. Shots of JL Ralston preparing to fly back to Ottawa with Group Captain J Lindsay Gordon, of group of men posing, talking, of Squadron Leader JH Tudhope posing near DH Moth, getting in plane, plane taxiing. [Titles interspersed]


Excerpt from
Air Pageant
National Film Board
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