STK-ID 33375

Various shots of scientist and native assistant removing shrimps from trap, throwing trap back into pond. CU of scientist's hand with tiny shrimps in it. Shots of collecting of water sample on the Bellairs Research Institute launch. BOATING MS of diadema, man retrieving apparatus. BOATING SHOT of scientist throwing weighed rum bottles overboard during experiment to determine position and direction of sea currents. Shipboard shots of landing of small shark. LS of diadema, coast in background. Shot of Bridgetown harbour, fishing boats at anchor. LS of ocean liner in bay, PAN to fishing boats at anchor, two people standing on shore in foreground. Brief PAN of harbour, fishing craft, buildings in background. MS of skin diver with snorkel diving in pond, pushing shrimp trap up onto beach with help of scientist. Shot of the two men emptying trap. MSs of Brace Research Institute windmill on blocks. MS of scientist checking gadget. TILT UP pole from base, palm in background to wind machine turning. Level shot and LAS of windmill. Shot of stern of rowboat. Shot of scuba diver surfacing, handing jar to man in boat, diving again. Shots of turtle, of moray eel in aquarium. MS of girl dissecting shrimps in laboratory. Shots of sea urchin, starfish, small turtle and various other sea creatures in aquarium. Research sponsored by McGill University. (00/02/1963)


Excerpt from
Researchers at Work on Tropical Island
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w
Aspect ratio