STK-ID 33943

HACU of cockpit of crashed T-33 showing rescuer unfastening inert pilot's safety straps. Front shot of "crashed" plane, rescuer running to plane, handling external power and manual controls for opening canopy. Closer shot of same. MLS of rescuer dragging "injured" pilot from plane towards camera. Sequence showing men tending injured men, removing their flight equipment, covering them with blankets. Various shots from ground level and from top of hangar of Sabre jet, of CF-100 and of T-33 on tarmac. Closer shot of Royal Canadian Air Force Sabre jet. CUs of "injured" pilot's head as rescuers remove oxygen apparatus and helmet, of rescuers lifting pilot out of cockpit. CUs of Vertal helicopter, door opening, rescuers jumping out and returning with "crash victims" on stretchers. CUs of pilot of helicopter in his greenhouse. MS of nose wheel of helicopter as it touches ground. Various shots of apparatus for training pilots in the use of ejection seat, of pilot in seat being shot upwards, snow on ground. Shots of setting sun from high over clouds, of clouds far below.


Excerpt from
Emergency Rescue - T33 Jet Aircraft
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio