STK-ID 33976

Shot of Imperial Esso Oil man beside truck. PAN of huge gasoline storage tanks. Shot of Canadian Pacific diesel train hauling oil tankers across field. Various shots of five CF-100 Canucks passing over camera in formation. Shot of sign "No Smoking", fire extinguisher beside train. CU of man's wrist watch at 2:15 o'clock. Shots of train, of Esso Oil delivery man opening truck panel, turning control valves which control oil flow. Shot of Esso truck coming off main highway, Royal Canadian Air Force truck entering airport, passing RCAF DC-3 Beechcraft and CF-100, pulling up behind CF-100 Canuck. Shot of T-33 Trainer taxiing past RCAF aircraft. TRAVELLING SHOT past RCAF aircraft on air force base. CU of starboard engine of DC-3 being started up. Shots of CPR train and oil tankers, of man working in laboratory mixing, testing and burning gasses. ECUs of train carriages, of wheels passing camera.


Excerpt from
Aviation Fuel Handling
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original kodachrome
Aspect ratio