STK-ID 34671

DOLLY SHOTS through underground passage followed by various shots of group of cavers walking through underground passage, including shots of them moving over fissures, of the group resting and looking at object similar to sponge, ending with ZOOM OUT on stalactites. HASs of balls on ground (looking like eggs). CS of eggs. MCS of man's hand measuring one of them. CS of kind of stalactite to TILT DOWN on an object on ground. HAS of small holes in ground. CS of drop of water hitting the ground. HAS of cavers studying ice. CS of stalactites to TILT DOWN on Dr Ford's face, of him taking notes. CS of stalactite (icicle) with water drops being collected in a small bottle. ZOOM OUT from CS of another stalactite and caver looking at it very closely. MCSs and PAN on stalactites. Other MCS of man's hand collecting water from stalactite. CS of stalactite. MCS of cavers taking notes. Two ZOOMs OUT from CS of stalactites to cavers measuring group space. CS of one of the caver taking picture with very small camera, of another one using eye-dropper. More shots of stalactites ending on Dr Ford taking notes. MCS to ZOOM OUT on cavers studying kind of map. MCS of one member of the group standing outside the cave, looking around and finally going in, skis in the snow visible in the shot. Four takes, taken from the inside, of the group walking toward the entrance and finally going out in the last shot.


Excerpt from
Castleguard Cave
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio