STK-ID 34941

Bethune Memorial Park: MLS and ZOOM OUT to LS on Bethune's Memorial in middle of a tree-lined alley. MLS on Memorial and appearing from the back, a youth militia marching in column of two's, dressed in green uniforms, and backview of the group, divising and visiting cemetery grave. MCS on a group (3) to LS and PAN to other group (4) visiting graves alley. MCS on gravestone. PAN to young boys. PAN to gravestone again. MS of 4 young militians visiting graves, seen behind trunks of trees. PAN to other people visiting and same group reappearing with ZOOM IN on heads. Sideview MS of same group (2) and MCS on gravestone. MLS of other people visiting. MLS of people visiting park and PAN on grave line (sideview). MLS to CS of youth militia marching in toward in camera. MLS sideview of graves line and militia marching in background. MLS of visitors walking in alley seen behind trees. MLS of people visiting park and covered monument and ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT on people and momument. CS of woman and child looking at monument and PAN to other people and ZOOM OUT M to CS of a sculpture (3 soldirs holding revolution flag). CS with PAN on other sculpture (peoples rev.) MCS of other sculpture (2 women soldiers). MLS of visitors walking toward camera on park alley, seen through an arch and ZOOM IN to monument at end of alley. Other MLSs of alley seen through arch and ZOOM IN to group setting for picture taking in front of monument and ZOOM OUT to LS MLS of group of children with three adults walking in alley toward camera. MS of statue of Bethune TILT DOWN from lead to base and PAN to MLS and LS of people visiting park. MCS of people monuments and exhibits. MLS of young militians visiting exhibits. CS of young militians reading aloud texts of exhibits. LS of Bethune statue seen from behind. MS and CS of visitors reading aloud texts of exhibits with reflection of visitors in glass exhibits (showing Dr. Bethune activities). CS on head of Bethune's statue. MLSs of Memorial.


Excerpt from
North China Factory
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio