STK-ID 34947

On the street: LS of a large lined-tree street (no traffic). LS of same street with bus riding away and ZOOM IN to MLS on bus and pedestrians. MLS of two horse-drawn carts carrying bricks and cement bags passing on street. LS with ZOOM IN to MCS of same. MCS of man holding baby in front of Mao's statue and TILT UP to statue. LS of building with Mao's statue in front. MLS of people sitting on street sidewalk. MCS of woman reading while walking on sidewalk. MLS of girl sitting on sidewalk, reading to LS of sidewalk with other people sitting on sidewalk. ZOOM IN on people and PAN to girl and people walking. CS of girl sitting on sidewalk and reading. ZOOM OUT to MLS of two young boys sitting and reading. ZOOM IN on their sheets, ZOOM OUT to boys. MLS of girl sitting on sidewalk and two men running by. HACS of boys' sheets. MLS of street and park entrance gate, with two people running away. PAN to HACS backview of girl sitting on sidewalk, reading. HACS on her book. ZOOM OUT to MLS of street. PAN to CS of girl reading with ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT on book. LS of large tree-lined street. ZOOM IN to a coming mule-drawn cart. LS of same street, carts in background. MCS of mule-drawn cart coming and PAN to another going away and light traffic. PAN to following first mule-drawn cart coming toward camera, carrying people and goods. LS of field beside street and PAN on man pulling cart on street. LS of street light traffic. MCS of people getting into bus near factory wall.


Excerpt from
North China Factory
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio