STK-ID 34981

New workers, introduction to work on factory floor: MS of girls being introduced to other women workers. MS of women workers putting on new workers work hats and aprons. CS of girl fixing her hat. Various shots from different angles of woman showing to girls how to tie threads on spindles machine including CS of hands tying threads. MCS and MLS frontview of two women behind spindles machine, one showing to the other how to work. MLS of each girl being instructed to work by a woman with PAN from first to second girl. Several MSs and CSs of girl learning to tie threads. MCS of woman and girl at work benind spindles machine. MLS sideview of woman showing to girl how to dust spindles machine. MLS backview and sideview of woman showing to girl how to work on spindles machines including PAN on spindles machines and CS of woman and girl. PAN back and forth from LS of workshop to MLS of women at work. MCS of girls learning how to work on spindles machines. MLS of girls being introduced to other women workers on factory floor and leaving with a supervisor with PAN on women going back to work. MLS backview of girls leaving factory floor with women MCS of girls in courtyard removing hat and apron putting them in handbag. MLS of girls going at their bicycles. MCS of girls taking bicycles and leaving. MLS of girls getting on bicycles and leaving in the street.


Excerpt from
North China Factory
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio