STK-ID 34997

Peking (Beijing) dawn, Tienanmen: MCS on Mao's huge portrait on wall of Tienanmen. ZOOM OUT to LS of Tienanmen Square with two young militians bringing flag to be raised on pole. MS to CS of flag waving up the pole. From CS on flag hanging down the pole ZOOM OUT to MLS and PAN on Tienanmen Square with ZOOM IN to Mao's portrait. From MLS of people moving around Tienanmen Square, TILT UP to Mao's portrait above archwall with ZOOM OUT through an archway to other portrait of Mao Tienanmen Wall Gate, TILT DOWN with ZOOM IN through archway to second archway in background. TILT UP to CS on Mao's portrait and ZOOM OUT to MLS. From MCS of big sun at dawn ZOOM OUT and PAN on Tienanmen Gate with reverse shots of same, including CS on huge Mao's portrait. MCS and LS of sun at dawn behind trees (postcard landscape). LS of people bicycling or walking at Tienanmen Square. LS with PAN on Tienanmen Square showing in background The Great Hall of the People, and Mao's mausoleum building. Light traffic crossing square in foreground. MLS of Tienanmen Square with militia jogging in background and man doing Tai-chi exercises. LS of Tienanmen Square with Tienanmen Gate in background (or Heavenly Peace Gate) with PAN on Great Hall of the people and reverse shot of same. LS of Tienanmen Square with Great Hall of the people in background with PAN on Mao's mausoleum building. MCS frontview of people revolution sculpture and ZOOM OUT to MLS of Mao's mausoleum building. MLS of middle part of Great Hall of the People. LS of Tienanmen Square with PAN on Great Hall of the People. ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT to Mao's portrait and reverse shot of same. MLS with TILT UP and TILT DOWN on Monument of People's Heroes and ZOOM IN on design detail. From MLS of lion sculpture ZOOM OUT to LS of Tienanmen Square, Heavenly Peace Gate in background. Various shots of middle part of The Great Hall ofthe People Gate with Mao's portrait, traffic in foreground. CS of Mao's portrait.


Excerpt from
North China Factory
Beijing (Peking)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio