STK-ID 35065

PAN up from water dying on sandy beach to ELS of park warden walking on a beach of the Point Pelee National Park in Southwestern Ontario. MCU front of young bearded park warden walking. Cut to MS of snake moving on piece of drift wood. Cut to snake on sand trying to escape. Park warden kicks over piece of drift wood, picks up snake and puts it in a bag. MCS of sand, snake, hand of park warden picking snake up and putting it in a bag. Side view of same, French language shoulder patch on warden's uniform, young bearded face. MS sign re National Parks being living museums of nature. MLS of Point Pelee National Park administration building. Cut to interior, tourists at desk. Various shots of turtle cage, tourists and others looking at pictures on wall. PAN interior of park workshop. Over-the-shoulder shot of park warden examining snake, marking it, writing notes. MS of rat in wire cage. Shot of four-five tagged dead birds on desk.


Excerpt from
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
1920 x 1080