STK-ID 3518

CS of hands beating measure, TILT UP to CU of faces of teenagers (mostly girls). Shots of rock band "Les Lynx" playing on stage including CUs of equipment and drum set parts. PAN to MS of audience listening (one girl seen smoking cigarette). Various CUs of musician playing. Sequence at party showing buffet: CU of wine being poured into glass, TILT UP to adult guests serving themselves from buffet table. Several CUs of faces and of dishes of food held by guests.


Excerpt from
National Film Board
Restriction Information
P, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , m, u, s, t, , b, e, , o, b, t, a, i, n, e, d, , f, r, o, m, , p, e, r, f, o, r, m, e, r, s, ;, , o, b, t, e, n, i, r, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , d, e, s, , m, u, s, i, c, i, e, n, s
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm dupe neg b&w
Aspect ratio