STK-ID 35310

Various shots from different angles of a tractor and disk machine ploughing green field on a Mennonite land near Waterloo. Cut to another tractor and machinery stopped in field with a man arriving, lifting up machinery mechanically and driving it away. CS of John Brubaker, a Mennonite of the new generation. Cut to him and two men arriving in truck to machines stopped by a field, of one man at work on tractor and machine in field, of the two others pouring herbicide into tractor tank and checking tractor, of Brubaker placing empty herbicide cans in back of his truck and leaving. Various shots of man at work in field driving tractor and seeder with shot of Brubaker arriving in truck and talking to tractor driver, of man at work seeding, of him stopping his machinery by another one and meeting John Brubaker, of them watching machinery. Cut to man seeding. Cut again on Mennonite children standing by a road. Exterior MS of cattle in enclosure aside a barn with PAN to a truck driving out of barn into another one. Cut inside barn of truck entering it with cattle in evidence. CSs of the driver at wheel. Various shots of machine in field cutting down whole corn plants and blowing it into a container pulled by a tractor moving aside it. Few shots of a truck deversing grinded corn plants on the ground in pile and of a tractor spreading it for storage.


Excerpt from
Waterloo Farmers
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio