STK-ID 35389

MSs of a West Indies island, of a dead tree with Caribbean Sea in background. ZOOM OUT on MS of "Blackburne" Airport sign, cars and airport building in background. MCSs of waves beating against rocks, mountains and black clouds in evidence in one shot. Several shots from different angles of small Liat propeller aircraft losing altitude, landing on short wet runway and taxiing including MS of waves and rainy sky with trees and runway in foreground. MLS of Liat passenger Jet aircraft losing altitude coming in for landing, mountains and clouds in background. ZOOM OUT LS to MCS of aircraft landing facing camera, and turning on runway. Various shots from different angles of passenger Jets landing, taxiing on runway or taking off with mountains, clouds or sea in evidence. Several shots from different angles on Saint Lucia Island of passenger jet aircraft (Pan Am, Air France, Liat) taking off, taxiing, landing and of Caterpillars, crane and other construction machine working on airport extension including shots of men working on Bif conveyor machine for stones. CS of a sign written on "Charles Duranceau Ltee, c/o Project Manager, Canada Antigua Airport development project, Coolidge Airport. Antigua. BWL". MS of Ste-Lucie Island Airport runway. MS of Saint Lucia Island Airport runway, mountains in background. TILT DOWN ZOOM IN on hole in pavement. MSs of people washing clothes in river with ZOOM OUT and PAN on Caterpillars at work. MSs of people washing their clothes.


Excerpt from
Airports for Export from Canada
Saint Lucia, Antigua Island
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio