STK-ID 3540

MS of Bolivian woman washing clothes in brook on grassy steppe in Turco, Bolivia, with PAN to cemetery door and ZOOM IN on grave crosses in cemetery. MS of Turco village, lots of stones and stone walls in foreground. MS of children sitting at edge of brook with feet in water. MS of two Bolivians walking with donkeys. Shots of Bolivian people in Turco streets. Shots of Bolivian people putting meat under bowl, covering it with bowl, straws, cover and earth, of them going back home. Several various ESTABLISHING SHOTS of woman near fire in her house made of mud bricks and thatched roof, of children walking in and out house, of man leaving house with plates in his hands, entering another house, of people taking off earth, straws and bowl from meat in soil and putting meat in bowl. TILT UP, ZOOM IN on high mountain, snow on top. TILT DOWN on them taking out meat from hole, of group of people and Padre Santiago (Jacques Monast O.M.I.) sitting outside preparing meat, eating, of children playing together, of dog eating bone, of girls playing string games, arid plain, mountains in background. Shots of Marguerita doing her homework. Shots of poor interior of the house.


Excerpt from
Les deux côtés de la médaille
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio