STK-ID 3571

Sequence on arrival of boy Scouts by bus. Sequence on Scouts pitching tents. HALS of campsite, large number of tents. Shot of flag raising ceremony. Sequence on chow time, Scouts getting food from kitchen tent, eating. Shot of Scouts sewing on camp crests. Shot of American and Cuban Scout exchanging hats for fun. Shots of Canadian colour party, bearers saluting with flags, Scout leader saluting in boy Scout manner. Shot of church service on Sunday, whole camp population present. Reverend Ronald Harner conducting service. Shot of governor general Lord Alexander visiting Scout camp, delivering speech (silent), being presented with hand-carved thumb stick by Rover Scout Bill Butt of Calgary, cheers for governor general. Shot of Scouts marching past camera with their colour parties leading, each Scout delegation carrying sign as to their places of origin. Shot of governor general on inspection tour of camp, witnessing various demonstrations put on by Scouts including cowboy demonstration by Alberta Scouts, map of Texas on tent by US Scouts. CUs of major general SC Spry, chief commissioner of Canadian boy Scouts, of governor general Lord Alexander and Eli Boyaner, camp chief. Shot of demonstration by British Columbia Scouts involving totem poles, by Yukon Scouts involving prospecting, Newfoundland Scouts putting up banner proclaiming their province. Night shots of camp fire sing song. (21/07/1949)


Excerpt from
Boy Scout Jamboree
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm fine grain b&w
Aspect ratio