STK-ID 35834

Several underwater shots from different angles in murky water at Saint Margaret's Bay, of rocks with small fishes passing by, of diver putting an iron square on bottom including shots of another diver working nearby, of camera following long rope at bottom of water in eel grass including one shot of a lobster in grass, of diver unrolling rope and taking aquatic plants in plastic bags. Several shots from different angles in Saint Margaret's Bay of the two divers in rowboat with another man joining scientists of Canada Fisheries Services on boat bringing them seeweed, of divers taking off their equipment, of diving equipment lying on deck, of a scientist taking water sample in a bottle and dropping a brown liquid in another one, of a scientist taking out plastic cans from water and removing mussels from it, of two scientists in a rowboat: one looking through a special measuring instrument and the other one taking down notes, of men on the research boat measuring mussels, rainy day. Several shots from different angles of two scientists on seashore at Saint Margaret's Bay putting stones around long pieces of wood to hold it in place, of them looking through the measuring instruments. Several shots from different angles of an abandoned and rusty commercial boat floating near Saint Margaret's Bay seashore.


Excerpt from
Tomorrow Is Too Late
Nova Scotia
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio