STK-ID 35904

LSs in the Birds Hill Park, Manitoba, of a cross-country skier falling down, standing up and skiing with difficulty, of him falling down a few times, taking off his skis and trying to walk in snow, falling down and staying there, of him taking off his woolen cap and opening his coat. LS of three other cross-country skiers skiing toward camera. MLS, MS of them seeing man lying in snow and skiing toward him. Various MCSs in snowstorm of them looking to see if man is alive, putting a woolen cap on his head, mittens on his hands and his body in another coat. MSs, MCSs of two of them setting up a tent, using ski sticks as poles, of the woman boiling water over a small propane gaz fire. Shots of the three of them transporting carefully the unconscious man into the tent. MCSs, CSs inside tent of one of the rescuers taking off his coat and lying close to man, of the other rescuer taking off his clothes and warming him up under sleeping bag, of the man waking up and talking with rescuers, of rescuers helping him to drink a cup of hot water.


Excerpt from
Winter Survival
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio