STK-ID 36019

(00/04/1980) LS of village landscape to MLS of girls walking away from pump, carrying water vessels to ZOOM OUT on village landscape followed by several shots of people using pump, girls washing cloths, of cattle drinking water from a small pond, trees in background, of boy bathing to ZOOM OUT from cattle and trees in background. CSs of cattle drinking water, of people using pump. LS of village landscape to MCS and CS of young boys operating pump, including CSs of water going into bucket. CS of base of pump to ZOOM OUT on bucket and PAN on wet ground and hen moving around. More shots of boys operating pump, of cow drinking water, CS of pump. MLS of woman washing clothes in pond, few LSs of cows grazing and people walking away. MS of woman washing young child. HAMCS of women scooping water from a shallow well and putting it into pots, of woman walking away with water vessel on top of her head and child on her back. CS of water vessel to MCS of girl putting it on top of her head and MCS of her helping another girl to do likewise, and of the two girls walking away, carrying water vessels on top of their head.


Excerpt from
Not Far from Bolgatanga
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio