STK-ID 3676

AERIAL SHOTs and ground shots of the Island of Walcheren, flood waters everywhere. Shots of Middelburg, water in the streets, of dykes, men working on them. Shots of the city before the war. AERIAL SHOT of Westkapelle lighthouse before the war. View of Dutch dairy herd, windmill, fields before the war. Sequence on broken dykes, destroyed by air raids, of flood water, of people being evacuated. Shots of town of Oostkapelle, people standing on high ground living in church. Men are shown trying to save potatoes from the water. Resistance workers lead dairy cows to high ground, milk them, etc. MLS of dead cow, blown up by land mine. A farmer rides his horse-drawn cart through water-covered street dragging dead horse behind. People buying food with ration coupons. People are shown wading along flooded street, using home-made boats, even crossing street by walking on chairs. Sequence on men standing by on high ground, civil defence workers evacuating unessential people from the island, leaving doctors, dyke workers, etc. Loaded boats bringing evacuees to Middelburg. Sequence on cows, horses being evacuated, being loaded into boats.


Excerpt from
Broken Dykes
Westkapelle, Walcheren Island, Oostkapelle
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
16mm dupe neg comp b&w
Aspect ratio