STK-ID 37216

Several LSs of naval training ship Destroyer on open sea. LSs, MSs of ship's radar scanning device in operation. Shots of waves beating on shore, sun sparkling on water, ships on horizon. Shots of radar oscilloscope in operation. MSs of Drummond aircraft taking off from aircraft carrier. Several shots of infantry cadets on summer exercises, marching single file along road. Several shots of exercises of tanks and infantry moving over field toward enemy position. CSs of tank gun firing. Several shots from various angles of enemy hideout being hit by shells and of infantry firing from behind old stone wall. MCS of cadets at gunnery practice. MSs and MCSs of cadets boxing. MS of cadets practicing jujitsu. Several shots from various angles of cadets playing basketball. MS and CS of cadet fencing.


Excerpt from
The Queen's Commission
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original kodachrome
Aspect ratio