STK-ID 37346

LS of tranquil pond, boy racing to small dam and using pry to open dam. CS of water racing along sluice, into penstock of well, shot of wheels turning in mill as water supplies power. Shot of elderly man of about 70 turning chair parts on wood lathe. VCS of lathe turning and series of shots of leg of chair being carved on lathe. Shot of old man's face as he works. Shots of elderly man assembling chair in workshop, weaving seat of chair and VCS of face of old man wearing a gearing aid. MS of cluttered workshop, boy entering. Shot of boy of about 10 years old looking at old carding machine in woolen mill. Shot of elderly man of about 70 stoking outdoor forage with wood, removing steel rim from fire and fitting it on buggy wheel then pouring water on hot rim to cool it and shrink it to wheel. Shot of two boys playing with toy sailboat on mill pond. CS of small sailboat floating back and forth between boys. MLS PAN across peaceful valley with farms and houses in Cape Breton Island. Shots of pony grazing in meadow, boy leading him off and riding pony along country road, boy dismounting.


Excerpt from
The Chairmaker and the Boys
Cape Breton Island
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio