STK-ID 37420

Various still photographs depicting life in Canada at end of 19th century; photographs of ruins, aftermath of large fire in city. Photograph of depot in military camp, soldiers posing in the distance. Photograph of soldiers posing in military camp. Photographs of lumber camps, man sitting in lower foreground, of lumbermen posing in camp, one man standing on shoulder of other man in foreground. Photograph of lumbermen standing atop large logs loaded on horse-drawn sled, winter. Photographs of lumbermen and cooks posing for camera in camp, of lumbermen eating meal outdoors, winter. Photograph of lumbermen at work on large log pile, winter. Photograph of lumberjacks posing in forest. Photograph of group of lumbermen standing atop high log pile loaded on horse-drawn sled, winter. Photograph of lumbermen driving horse-drawn sleds loaded with logs, winter. Photograph of lumbermen dumping logs off horse-drawn sleds. Photograph of two men posing atop large snow-covered log pile.


Excerpt from
French Canadian Interpretation
National Film Board
Restriction Information
W, r, i, t, t, e, n, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , m, u, s, t, , b, e, , o, b, t, a, i, n, e, d, , f, r, o, m, , , /, , O, b, t, e, n, i, r, , p, e, r, m, i, s, s, i, o, n, , é, c, r, i, t, e, , d, e, :, , C, u, l, v, e, r, , P, i, c, t, u, r, e, s, , I, n, c, o, r, p, o, r, a, t, e, d, , 1, 5, 0, , w, 2, 2, n, d, , S, t, ,, , N, Y, , N, Y, , 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, ,, , 2, 1, 2, -, 6, 4, 5, -, 1, 6, 7, 2, , o, r, /, o, u, , E, t, a, t, , M, a, j, o, r, ,, , 3, e, , B, a, t, a, i, l, l, o, n, , d, e, s, , Z, o, u, a, v, e, s, , p, o, n, t, i, f, i, c, a, u, x, , c, a, n, a, d, i, e, n, s, ;
Available formats
Reel 35 mm, Video HI 8
Shooting format
35mm neg b&w, 16mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio