STK-ID 37501

MCS of two men boarding Otter seaplane at Yellowknife. Interior shot of aircraft during flight, ground visible through windows, passengers looking out. Shot of man shooting through window with amateur cine camera. Shots of men on shore of lake after deplaning, preparing gear, shaking hands, boarding boat and paddling away. HAS of Campbell Lake from high bank, fishermen in lone boat. Closer shots of boat. HAS along wooded bank, lake extending to horizon at left, boat visible in extreme distance. Slow BOATING SHOT of seagulls on rock, gulls flying off. BOATING FOLLOW SHOT of baby gulls swimming away. BOATING SHOT towards swallows' nests on rock, reflection of water shimmering on scene. CU of one nest, young swallows. Shots of man and woman fishing from boat, man landing fish. Shot of fish struggling in water, being scooped up by guide in other boat. Shots of campsite, two tents, two men and dog. Shot of man displaying catch. GROUND TO AIR SHOT of plane circling lake. Shot of plane taxiing to a stop. Shots of plane taking off past camera at some distance. Interior shots of bearded pilot. Several AERIAL SHOTs of Campbell Lake, surrounding lakes, north country. (00/07/1966)


Excerpt from
Fly-In Fishing
Northwest Territories
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio