STK-ID 37760

Expo: LAS of gangling iron statue of Don Quijote at Expo '67. Cut to LS of Calder's stabile. MS of segmented Pop art rotating. MCU of reflection of sunlight in water, on polished metal. ZOOM IN on Iran Pavilion. LS of US Pavilion with minirail train moving by. ZOOM IN on side of Quebec Pavilion. FOLLOW LS of water skier moving at high speed. PANs of glass side of Pavilion reflecting light. ZOOM IN on French Pavilion. View of light board claiming that we are all culturally deprived. MCUs of Expo logo, of a part of a frieze in Ceylon Pavilion. ZOOM IN on side of Mexican Pavilion. LALS of man walking on roof of Italian Pavilion, standing between sun and camera. Cut to static shot of yellow surface and TILT DOWN blue surface with faint graffitti. MCU of cluster of red flowers moving slightly with the wind. LAS of children sliding towards the camera on a kiddie slide at La Ronde. LASs of roller coaster car moving on tracks, swooping down past the camera. HAS of bobsled ride (or rocket) moving down through the frame, cut to ride blurring past the camera.


Excerpt from
Perception: Structure or Flow
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio