STK-ID 37763

GROUND TO AIR FOLLOW SHOT of DC-8 airplane in flight after take off. Cut to ELS of condensation trails. Shot of cloudy sky. Sequence on setting sun: shot of giant diffused sun and ZOOM OUT to LS of haloed sun, factory. Shot of bright, frame height sun sinking behind building. Reddish tinge to sky, ground. Cut to giant sun partly hidden by Jacques Cartier Bridge superstructure. Sequence on action at college football game. Big CUs and photomicrography of grains on sand. Cut to facade of building, Quebec and Maple Leaf flags flying from many horizontal flag poles. Interior shot of school, girl writing spelling lesson on blackboard. Cut to man writing mathematical symbols on blackboard. Closer shot of his hand at work. CU of hand manipulating a slide rule. Shot of astronaut doing space walk. Floor level shot of boy releasing a toy robot, robot moving towards the camera.


Excerpt from
Perception: Structure or Flow
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio