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Netherland Day ceremonies: ZOOM OUT from Royal 22e Regiment honour guard marching into Place des Nations, band playing "Vive la Canadienne" (composite sound and 67-C-22-4-SD-02). MS of Expo 67 emblem behind dais of honour. Shot of dais, Queen Juliana, Prince Bernhard, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dutch ambassador Dr JMAH Luns, Commissioner general Pierre Dupuy, arriving, applause, Dutch national anthem being played (sound, 67-C-22-4-SD-?). FOLLOW SHOT of Queen Juliana joining Officer Commanding of honour guard for inspection. HAMLS of inspection (band music, 67-C-22-4-SD-?). Shot of Queen walking to band, shaking hands with band leader. Shot of Pierre Dupuy speech in French already in progress (composite sound and 67-C-22-4-SD-03). Shots of Pierre Dupuy speaking in English, of beginning of speech by Dr Luns in French (composite sound and 67-C-22-4-SD-03). Shot of English speech by Dr Luns. HAS of Dutch Marines marching in. HAS of Royal 22e Regiment honour guard marching. (song "Hey Friend, Say Friend", 67-C-22-4-SD-01). (00/05/1967)


Excerpt from
Netherlands National Day Ceremonies at Expo '67
National Film Board
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