STK-ID 38169

PAN of Canada Goose display in Natural History Museum. Shot of lesser snow goose, TILT DOWN. Shots of lesser Canada goose, ZOOM IN. ZOOM IN on Canada goose. Shot of two whooping cranes in habitat, ZOOM IN on egg in nest, TILT UP to crane. CU of head of male crane. ZOOM OUT from bird on back of grazing buffalo to include other buffaloes grazing in buffalo display. CUs of buffalo calf. MS of beaver family in display. CU of female, TILT UP to male. Shot of moose family. CU of female's head. TILT DOWN from blue jay on branch to wolverine. Profile shots of female bugling elk, of male elk. Shots of black bear in display. TILT DOWN from pileated woodpecker on branch to marten, squirrel in its mouth. PAN from marten to Canadian lynx. MS of great grey owl. MCS of head of snarling timber wolf. Two-shot of doe and fawn in display. Shot of bear cub. MS of gray jay on branch. Shots of snowshoe hare, of pine grosbeek. LS of red crossbill on top, white winged crossbill at bottom of display. MS and CS of ptarmigan. Shot of red squirrel, DOLLY IN to its underground nut storage. Shot of hibernating woodchuck, TILT UP to common redpoll. PAN from black bear to another in display. Shot of moose display. Various shots of school children and teacher entering museum, looking at display. (00/08/1968)


Excerpt from
Natural History Museum
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 35 mm
Shooting format
35mm eastman color neg
Aspect ratio