STK-ID 38491

Various shots of a woman and a young man distributing leaflets for the Society To Overcome Pollution (STOP), Montreal's largest anti-pollution group, putting the leaflets into mail slots of residences in a residential district of Montreal. Shots of the two canvassers speaking to people on the street in downtown Montreal. TILT UP from a dog at a curb to children watching the canvassers. Shots of the women in charge of the STOP committee standing near their tour bus at Dominion Square, talking to passers by, affixing posters to the bus re "STOP POLLUTION TOUR". Shots of a newsreel cameraman from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) at work, of the camera. Another shot of the women from the STOP committee standing by, talking to a journalist from the CFCF television station. Various shots of the STOP group from the tour bus near the Dosco factory, journalists interviewing Ken Webb, a young student of air pollution at McGill University. Various interior shots inside the bus during the tour, passengers, speakers. CS of Roderick "Rod" Blaker speaking (Blaker was a local radio personality working at CJAD-AM and was asked by STOP to be the tour director and mediator). Shots of newspaper headlines re "British diplomat kidnapped" about the abduction of British diplomat James Cross in October 1970. Shot of McGill students boarding the STOP tour bus. Various shots of members of STOP interviewing people around the Dosco plant. Large sign re "DOSCO USINE MONTREAL". Shot of the STOP group in a yard, a company official in hard hat with them. Rear TRAVELLING SHOT of the tour bus following the camera car. MS of members of STOP and the press stepping down from the bus. CSs of Sheila Shulman, one of the main members of the STOP committee, addressing passengers during the tour bus. CS of NFB film director Michael Rubbo listening to a McGill University student sitting next to him. CS of another woman member of STOP addressing the passengers in the front of the bus. Shots of Rod Blaker speaking in the bus. MCS of a bus driver speaking into a microphone as he drives. Cut to a woman speaking into a tape recorder microphone, sitting next to Sheila Shulman. More shots of the bus driver and the passengers.


Excerpt from
Persistent and Finagling
National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm, HDCAM SR, Digital Video Disk
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16mm neg b&w
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1920 x 1080