STK-ID 38611

Several shots from different angles of Gamelan orchestra playing music on small hill above lake on Java Island, surrounding countryside, one shot showing villagers watching them. Various MSs of young men on small bamboo rafts on lake with tropical tree leaves in foreground, one fishing with a net, one moving on lake with help of a bamboo stick, women beside fence in lake. Several TRAVELLING MCSs on water lilies on a Java lake including shots with palm trees reflecting in water. Various MCSs, MSs of men transporting on their back big rice jute bags from truck to depot. Interior MS of an Indonesian woman kneeling on floor in front of an open door with dishes around her, rice field and sun's rays can be seen through open door. Several shots from different angles of a man dancing an Indonesian dance in tropical forest. MLS of an Opelet (old American car) climbing slowly up an incline. Several shots from different angles of the Opelet stopped on slope and men trying to fix it, of them pushing it, of a man starting it with a handy crank, men entering Opelet, of Opelet climbing incline slope. HAMLS PAN on tropical trees, houses and the Opelet driving on rural road. Various MSs, MCSs of food seller.


Excerpt from
Wet Earth and Warm People
Java Island
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio