STK-ID 38642

CS of woman's foot pushing on pedal, TILT UP various shots of her stamping business papers in a Bolivian printing works. MCSs, CSs of Victorin Bouchard a Quebecer working in Bolivia standing next to a printer and checking quality of prints. MCSs, CSs of Victorin Bouchard repairing typewriter with secretary watching. HACS of stamper stamping numbers of forms for Toyota Bolivian. CS, MCS of man bounding volumes. MS, MCS of woman stamping formulas and of a man at same working table marking small paper packs. MS of Victorin Bouchard standing next to his secretary trying repaired typewriter. MS of him watching printer with ZOOM OUT MCS of woman sitting at table folding book covers. MCSs, MSs of Victorin Bouchard checking the printer including shots of posters hanging on the wall. HAMS of Victorin Bouchard at machine with PAN MSs on men working on second floor. PAN BACK HAMSs of downstair workers. MSs, CSs of man cutting up piles of papers in cutting machine. MS, CSs of man sitting at his desk and calculating on adding machine.


Excerpt from
Les deux côtés de la médaille
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio