STK-ID 38671

Prince Philip in canada and at British Exhibition (14/06/1960): front MS of BOAC Comet. Shots of Prince Philip arriving, being met by Premier Leslie Frost of Ontario and former Governor general Vincent Massey in Toronto. LAMCS of Royal Canadian Mounted Police saluting. Various shots of Prince Philip and party arriving at Simcoe Hall at University of Toronto, chatting with Hindu student. Shots of Prince Philip at Coliseum in New York, of Prince with vice president Richard Nixon of United States, of Prince with Governor Rockefeller, of Prince visiting British Exhibition. Shots of birthday cake in honour of Prince Philip's birthday.


Excerpt from
News of the Day
National Film Board
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R, E, S, T, R, I, C, T, E, D, :, , H, e, a, r, s, t, , m, a, t, e, r, i, a, l, ;
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Reel 35 mm
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35mm neg b&w
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