STK-ID 38716

Several CSs and MCSs of the tools and the equipment in the Frederick Anders' guitar workshop in Pierrefonds. MCS, CS of Mr Anders' face while sharpening his tools. HAMCSs of Mr Anders cleaning up his workbench with a brush. MCSs of Mr Anders taking his scraper blade and his boards, running his scraper blade over the side of the boards. MCSs from different angles of Mr Anders trying to find two sound boards that fit together. Various shots of Mr Anders scraping is sound boards with a hand scraper. HACS of a sheet of paper on which Mr Anders mixes two kinds of glue. MCSs, CSs of Mr Anders spreading glue on sides of sound boards. MCSs of Mr Anders tacking down the sound board and clamping it on a clamping board. CS of the C-clamps.


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National Film Board
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Reel 16 mm
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16mm original ektachrome
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