STK-ID 38731

Various shots of trucks transporting planks of wood or big logs, climbing a slope of Sainte-Justine village. Various LSs of Sainte-Justine with long slope and trees in foreground, cars passing on road, including shot with PAN on countryside and PAN back on village. LS of the rural road passing through village to mountains with two small garages and an antique car parked in foreground. ZOOM OUT on part of old buildings. MCS of the antique car. TILT UP MLS on rural road and village. TILT DOWN on car. Several shots from different angles of life in Sainte-Justine: villagers walking and cars passing on main street (a slope), of a man and his child filling two tins with gas at Esso gas station talking with garage owner, of the "Caisse Populaire" of Sainte-Justine, of houses of the village, of an old fire truck passing on street. Various shots from different angles of hot cars (Firebird, Pontiac, Plymouth) speeding in village streets. MS of a nice big white house with ZOOM OUT on a short shot of another house under construction. Various shots of two men building frame on the roof of house under construction. ZOOM OUT MS of a new house. MSs, PAN MS of sunset over Sainte-Justine, sky is orange with white sun.


Excerpt from
The Ungrateful Land: Roch Carrier Remembers Ste-Justine
Quebec (province)
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio