STK-ID 38829

Several shots from different angles in a bay of Pacific Ocean in Alaska of otters in pens made of nets being fed by a woman, of a diver in pen, of scientists taking pictures, of otters eating fish filets. Several shots from different angles aboard a ship of a man using a can to drop water out of kind of a pool on deck of ship, of men bringing in sick otter, of scientists watching it swimming in pool, of man putting a plank in pool and of otter resting on it, of otter eating a sea urchin, of it on plank washing itself with its tongue, of veterinarian (woman) giving him two injections, woman trying to make otter eat fish filet and man taking pictures. Several shots from different angles at pens of men detaching nets and releasing otters, of scientists watching otters swimming in free waters.


Excerpt from
Tomorrow Is Too Late
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio