STK-ID 38889

ZOOM IN from MCS of a Mexican artist, in the village of Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico, working on a metal copper object. CSs of his hands as he works on a piece of metal copper to TILT UP on his face, TILT DOWN back to his hands. Several CSs and MCSs of another man painstakingly hammering a copper pot. MCS of a completed copper pot displayed in the foreground, animal, houses and a truck in the background. HAMCS of the same pot displayed on rocks. MCS of another completed copper pot displayed on a small table. HAMCS of the same pot on the grass. Various CSs of the hands of a worker hammering another copper pot. HAMCS of him and another worker at work. MCS of a young boy manipulating a type of bellows to start forge-fire. ZOOM IN from the boy to the forge-fire, the boy removing the hot metal piece from the fire with long tongs. CS of the fire.


Excerpt from
In Praise of Hands/Hommage aux mains
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm, Born Digital, ProRes
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio
Available resolutions
2048x1556, 1920 x 1080