STK-ID 38913

MS of water delivery truck moving in streets of town. HA view from water filling station , of truck coming into station, of driver getting out of truck, opening the tank's hatch, filling the truck with water. CS of tank being filled. MCS of driver getting inside cabin and moving away from station. HASs of other truck coming into station, being filled and leaving. MSs showing buildings surrounding the station. MS of driver fitting hose to pipe of a house. HAMLS of building housing house. Interior CS of pump pipes and hoses. PAN from man fitting hose to pipe to house. CSs of water dripping from connection in pipe. LSs of farm type house, small red truck arriving. MLS of water truck coming to make delivery of water to a house. LS of truck in front of house with other houses and glacier in background. MS of house with truck in foreground and man walking to the door. MLS of children going down a street on skates and sleigh. MS and MCSs of children playing in snow, mountains and glacier in background. LS of people walking in snow, setting sun over mountain and water in background. PAN on clouds at sunset. LS of body of water with small embarcation at sunset. PAN on sunset shore, water and clouds. LS of children walking with bikes. LSs of sunset over village.


Excerpt from
The Greenlanders
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio