STK-ID 39010

MLS of Mr and Mrs Anderson at work in office located at rear of Empress Seaport Builders Supplies.We see through a big window on a wall. ZOOM IN on woman and PAN to the left on the man. MLS of man and woman working in the office, FG empty, shelves with pile of dishes on the counter. Several shots from various angles of store with half filled shelves and some supplies and garbage on the floor, they are in process of moving. MS of lots of supplies on shelves in front of a window, there is a flag with Churchill, Manitoba written on it. MLS on crystal article displayed on the table. MS of porcelaine animals on shelves, beside the animals there is a notice on a paper. ZOOM IN on notice it is written: "Notice, no cash loans large or small, do not ask and we will not be obliged to turn you down" A. Anderson. TILT DOWN on crystal and porcelaine animals. Several shots from various distances on Mr and Mrs Anderson sitting at a table in back of store. Shot of them having tea and talking. MLS of a house with outside wall on black paper. There are two garbage drums and an empty beer case on the balcony. Shot of a woman walking to the house, climbing stairs, opening the door and going back. Shot of two children coming out of the house. PAN to the right on the two children wearing winter coats and boats running in the street. Shot of a dog walking.


Excerpt from
Some Natives of Churchill
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Shooting format
16mm original ektachrome
Aspect ratio