STK-ID 39036

MCSs, CSs of egg pick-up crew at CWS warehouse lab, setting up portable incubator used for egg pick-up and transportation. MCSs to CSs of eggs in incubator. MCSs, CSs of technicians transferring eggs from electric incubator to ZOOM IN on thermometer and ZOOM OUT to incubators. CSs of hands manipulating eggs. Several shots from different angles of egg pick-up operation, on different days, including shots of eggs in nest and other shots with broken egg shells. MCS to MS of crew getting out of helicopter with portable incubator, carrying and putting it inside a "Environment Canada-Wildlife Service" truck. Two different MSs of truck arriving at CWS station and of technicians carrying portable incubator. MS of technician carrying portable incubator inside CAF Falcon Jet (to flight for Washington DC) including interior shots with Dr Erickson and Glen Smart checking thermometer. (650 ft)


Excerpt from
A Great White Bird
Northwest Territories
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
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