STK-ID 39045

MCS of adult whooping crane sitting and looking around. MCSs of crane looking for food and feeding young. MSs of adult cranes moving about, chicks in nest, crane sitting down close to chick. More shots of one crane sitting and other one moving about in background. Shots of a pair of cranes looking for food. MLS and PAN on slew area with reflection of trees in water. MS and TILT DOWN on part of slew area. CS of broken egg shell in nest. MCSs of one member of the crew talking into walkie-talkie and using sound equipment. CS of his head while he is talking. CS of sound register and of hands manipulating it. CS of ribbons in operation. Various MSs, PAN and MCS of man picking up samples from spots of water on nesting ground. MCS and CSs of jars containing samples.


Excerpt from
A Great White Bird
Alberta, Northwest Territories
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio