STK-ID 39070

Shot from blind: MCSs of whooping cranes moving about, eating, at Aransas Refuge (winter habitat). MS of two cranes with PAN to a third one, followed by shot of cranes moving away with doe passing by in foreground. PAN back to shots of cranes standing and looking for food. MS of cranes to TILT UP on canal barge passing by in channel. MSs of cranes moving away. MSs of cranes flaping their wings, two of them moving away. MS of crane flying, landing and moving to the left of frame. More shots of cranes moving about at Aransas Refuge, young birds or ducks? in foreground. MS of crane flaping its wings, starting to fly and landing again. MLS of cranes moving about and looking for food.


Excerpt from
A Great White Bird
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio