STK-ID 39073

CS, side view of Captain Brownie, looking through binoculars, speaking into intercom. (Captain Brownie, commanding whooping crane sightseeing boat). CS front view of Captain Brownie at wheel, speaking into intercom. CS of tourists on boat to ZOOM IN on cranes at refuge. ZOOM OUT on tourists. CS, MS of birds in flight and approaching tourists at lookout. MCS of crane perched on pole, taking off and flying low over water, followed by shots of crane in flight and landing in bush. MLS, MS of a tree. MLS, MCS of windmills at Hopper landing. MCSs of sign along road re Hopper Landing oilfield dock and advertising 7UP. PAN right to left of Hopper Landing road. ZOOM IN on house. PAN on Hopper Landing docks. PANs on "BH" garage with farm machinery, and men working.


Excerpt from
A Great White Bird
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio