STK-ID 39076

San Antonio Zoo: MCSs of crane drinking water. Shot of fence of cage. CS of sign on fence "Whooping Crane-Crip" to ZOOM OUT on LS of crane in cage. MCS of two giraffes running back and forth. MS to ZOOM IN on superintendant of zoo being interviewed (silent). CS of sign re "American Wildlife Studios Inc." to ZOOM OUT on car arriving and man (taxidermist) entering house. MCSs of stuffed birds. CSs of bird legs with tags attached. CS of head of stuffed bird with PAN to his legs and tag. MS of an ostrich facing camera and moving to the right. MCS to ZOOM OUT on zebras grazing. MS of one bird (pelican?) moving to the right while ostrich is passing in foreground. CS of head of ostrich to ZOOM IN on MS of ostrich. MS to ZOOM IN on young boy and women looking at ostrich. More MSs of family walking around at the zoo. MS to CS of camera being used by cameraman in blind. MLS of man walking towards a pole, climbing to the top of pole. CS of him at top of pole looking around using binoculars. MS of men carrying a board and putting it up. CS of men working, to MCS of board reading "Aransas National Wildlife Refuge - No Entry on Land - Firearms Prohibited". MLS of men working. PAN back and forth on another board at edge of water making a similar statement.


Excerpt from
A Great White Bird
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio