STK-ID 39088

MS to ZOOM IN on Idaho Falls building entrance at airport. MS of plane parked at airport to PAN and ZOOM IN on building entrance. CS of control tower at airport with ZOOM OUT on whole building. MLS of sandhill crane sitting on nest, moving away from nest to reveal two eggs in nest. MCS, MS of the eggs in nest. MCS of crane moving about in water getting close to nest, looking for food. MSs of crane moving from left to right and MCS of crane at nest, adjusting eggs and sitting on nest several times. CS of eggs in nest. MS to ZOOM OUT on eggs in nest with two men approaching, looking at eggs and taking notes on pad. (Part of the Egg Planting Exchange) (Exchange sandhill egg for whooping crane egg). MCS of one of the men picking up one egg and walking away with it. PAN back to two eggs in nest. Cut to three eggs in nest and hand picking one egg in last shot. CS of two eggs in nest to TILT UP on two cranes. Cut to hand of man taking notes on pad, walking away with another man and getting on airboat (propellor boat), boat moving away from camera. CS of them stopped and opening case with eggs. Jump cut to one man taking pictures of whooping crane eggs in sandhill nest while other man holds one egg in his hand. MS of egg in nest to PAN of crew (5 men) taking pictures. CS, MCS of crane adjusting eggs in nest and sitting on it. MS of man approaching near sandhill nest to ZOOM IN on pipped egg in his hand. MS of egg in nest. CS of two pipped eggs in nest.


Excerpt from
A Great White Bird
National Film Board
Available formats
Reel 16 mm
Aspect ratio